[Solved] Why My Posts are Shared Gray


My last posts look gray, and get no reply. There is something wrong?
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Hi, @peacehero! :wave:

Can you post a screenshot of what do you mean by "gray"?

Thanks! :blush:

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My posts written gray like picture although others are black.
Thank you

Hi, @peacehero! :wave:

Did you notice a tiny bookmark symbol at the starting of the topic name? -

:arrow_right: image

It means that you have bookmarked that topic, that’s why it’s color is changed.
I think the color changes to light grey in case you don’t see the :bookmark: symbol.

So, Nothing to worry.
Thanks! :blush:

The grey colour is simply indicating that you have read a topic @peacehero

The more topics that you read, the more that will turn grey (you will also get some new badges, the more your read too!)

Hope that helps!

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Oh :sweat_smile:

So, if a topic is grey, should I consider it as a item of my reading list?

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Other way around - greyed out posts are the ones that you have read, and the black text is unread:

Just FYI, I prefer to view only my unread posts, by following this link:


Yes! You’re right -

I never noticed this - it’s sooo tiny :sweat_smile:

Thanks for information!

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