[Solved] What level membership do I need to customize the splash screen?

Pls! I need help ASAP to know and be well informed before upgrading to Pro Membership Available on thunkable.

Which of this Membership Plans will I have the Thunkable Logo/Splash Screen removed -
Starter, Pro or Business Membership?


Read the Thunkable Pricing page for full details.

In future please search the forum or Google, instead of spamming this forum, as many questions such as yours have easily available answers.

Hey! Am not cleared with what’s on the Pricing Table, I just need someone who have had the experience with any of the plans.

Some users on the forum saying Pro Plan works well with no Thnkable Splash and on the Pricing Plan it showing Custom Splash SCREEN is not available. More clearity pls


To be clear here:

We recently made a change to the platform to reflect our pricing page. Business and Team level subscriptions will be required to remove the Thunkable logo for any user moving forward.

However, if a user was PRO before this change took place last Apr 20 2022, they will be grandfathered into being able to set a custom icon in the splash screen UNLESS their subscription lapses at which time any renewing of a subscription would be subject to the limitations imposed on the pricing page.

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