[Solved]To make a link go on forever

I want you to add a feature where the link of a project would go on forever instead of having a 60 day expiry. But why is that there? I am making a disambiguation mega project that contains 2 subprojects. And I want the project to work forever (until Thunkable’s servers are destroyed!) and if the feature to store a link forever already exists, then show how the feature works! If you will not add the feature, explain to me how I can make my project go on other than “share link”. Hopefully there is a way to make the project go on for more than 60 days! And an edit: I’m using the StP interfrace.



If you just need the project to run but not be editable, then publishing as a web app is probably the best option.

So a web app won’t make the thing expire?


Last, I doubt if it supports live testing and show code.

A web app is just a website that runs your compiled project code. It’s not editable in any way.

To make changes to the web app, you have to re-publish it from within Thunkable.

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Oh. Sorry for little details, but that’s all I have to say, but thanks.