[Solved] Text Input causes distortion/shaking of images?!


as I reported months ago text fields in Thunkable X cause weird shaking / distortion of the whole layout or at least the container where they are located in… I was told Thunkable would take a look into this. Is there any update yet? or a workaround? I would really like finally being capable of creating at least basic somewhat professional looking apps with Thunkable X but that just looks terrible and I couldn’t find any reason for this… Happens not only in preview but also in the finished app… I created a new app to test it and it seems to happen as soon as I add images to the layout?

If anybody has a workaround solution I would really appreciate it!


Hi @Chris can you provide your project link? to get investage :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chris! :wave:

The problem is, the .gif shows that your screen is shaking.
When we look closely, only the images (icons) are going visible & invisible. (The icons are flashing)

So, the Solution is, to Replace the images with buttons. :white_check_mark:
With the same height, width & image, just replace images with buttons :smile:

Try this, you will not encounter any errors like this :wink:

This issue has been reported various times, this was the solution :smile:

@junjoseph, no need of project now… :wink:

Hope I helped you :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush:


Thank you very much for this workaround :slight_smile: I realized it also works with rows and background images - happy that there is a workaround for now but also really sad that this had not been adressed yet even tough it was reported so long ago :confused:


Thanks! :smile:

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Glad your problem is solved :blush:

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