App is really jumpy

Hi All,

does anyone else have the problem of their app being really twitchy and jumpy when receiving data such as images and colums from airtable as a database? im retreiving all my images in the app from links on airtable, the actual images are stored on cloudinary media data base…links ppsted on airtable and then called into thunkable using get blocks of spreadsheets… im also calling lists from columns into my list views on the app from airtable…but every time a screen opens or i push a button to perform logic…the images and lists and while screen actually jumps and shakes and what not please help…

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Hi there –

Does this happen during both Live Testing and on a Downloaded app? Android or iOS?


Hi Alan,

This issue can happen for a few reasons I’ve noticed, it may be that you’re not loading the data efficiently, for example if you are pulling data from airtable using the “GetCell” repetitively on a screen it can do this, also if you have a logo or image on your screen set with absolute sizing this could be causing it,

Perhaps you could provide more detail and I’d be happy to help?


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Do I understand correctly that you don’t like the shaking of images, which is similar to what is shown in the project when you move the slider or timer?

If so, then have to replace the Image to some other component - a button with a background image or WebViewer.


This worked! Thanks!!!

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