[Solved] Store scanned QR code values to database?

is there a way to store the data scanned by QR Code to a database?
What I want to do is assign some points to each QR Code and then the user, after logging is, can scan the codes and collect points.
So the idea would be to retrive the user data from the storage and then save all the data collected by QR code in a database.
Something like:
-Tot points 15
-Tot points 9
-Tot points 16

I hope to have explained myself well enough :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help

like a scavenger hunt idea?

I think a cloud variable would work well for something like this


when user finds the qr code,

set CloudVar/userID/Score/ as CloudVar/userID/Score/ + 1


Thanks for the support!
Indeed it is a scavanger hunt app.

I did something like this and it worked.

Any idea if it is possible not to allow scanning the same QR code twice?