[Solved] Stdout maxBuffer length exceeded

Got this error message how fix this stdout maxBuffer length exceeded?

From the category description:

When asking a question, please include as much information as possible e.g. device type, components used, screenshots, etc so that we can help each other out!

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What were you doing when this occurred?
Can you reproduce the error?
Can you please include a screenshot at least if not a share link that has the reproducible error?

@Mikas_3D can you let us know what version number and version code you’re using in your app settings?


10, iso

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Is this the same project you were trying to publish on Monday?

Yes but it been updated much
i am thinking i need scrap this maybe start over

Do you have an idea of which new components you added in your latest update?

This error might be related to the inclusion of one of them, perhaps.

EDIT: @Mikas_3D, can you try building again please? we just pushed an update that should resolve this issue for you.


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fix now

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#teamthunkable Killin it!

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