[Solved] Rating System with 5 stars

Does anyone know a method for Thunkable X to do an internal rating system with 5 stars (each star as a different “button”) ?
I need not only rate with a simple number and “show” the stars, but also see the 5 stars and click them as a part of the rating system

Thanks in advance

Hi @id.salazar88zrunh - you can create this with 5 buttons and two images, have you had a go at creating this yourself yet?

If you what to share you design and blocks I’d be happy to give you a few pointers.


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I have not done it yet. I can’t figure it how to do the design

  • Add a row
  • Add 5 columns in row
  • Add a button in each column
    -Set the 5 button’s image to the “off” star
  • Add code blocks to change the button image to “on” star based on which one is clicked. If button 4 is clicked, you’ll need to toggle on the star for 1-4, too.

That’s the basics just thinking in my head…


Check it



Awesome. I found a simpler way but this is a great solution.
Thank you so much