[Solved] Questions about the figma import feature

Just a quick question about the new feature Thunkable just added, importing a figma design into your app.So I want to ask will all the animations and effect set in figma work when it’s imported into thunkable i.e the screen and column transitions, vertical and horizontal scroll work???!

I am by no means an expert on this topic and I feel like there aren’t any good tutorials or documentation for using Figma in Thunkable but… my understanding is that you can import based components like labels, images and buttons. But that’s it.

Here’s the current documentation:

Edit: just noticed this was posted yesterday:

Based on that video, it seems Figma integration has improved a lot since the last time I tried it.


We’re always trying to make improvements and updates. At the moment, in addition to being able to make “anything” a button, we also have support for 6 commonly used UI components:


For dynamic, interactive elements @itzvinie my recommendation would be to leave this area blank in your project and then manually add a Data Viewer to your imported UI when you’re happy with the layout.

Hope that helps!