[Solved] Question about the Alert component

How can i make exit alarm button in my app

Can you explain more about what you mean?

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I want to make alart like that in photo

We currently don’t have an available command to leave the app on some user action.

So, we can’t do that yet. Maybe in the future?

Thank you, but It was available in the old version

You’re right, it probably was! However, due to the nature of cross platform programming and porting everything into blocks do that they work perfectly across devices is a slow process but the Thunkable team is killing it, really! They are adding more features all the time. Maybe put out a feature request on the github and your desires will be answered!

I wonder about the need. I am an iPhone user and already know how to leave my app, and I don’t have any apps with that feature currently.

Would your users be completing time sensitive work?

Thanks for the screenshot @Abdalrhman_Ayoub

Just wondering what type of app you’re making and, more specifically why you think you need this functionality?

I would imagine that, even without this feature, it still shouldn’t stop you from building out the rest of your app, right?

I made the Welcome page in my app and I want not to allow the user of the application to refer to it again when the application closes and closes directly from the Home page so I wanted to put this feature this is all

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@Abdalrhman_Ayoub got it - thanks for the explanation!

In this case, it sounds like this is what you’re looking for:

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Thank you, This is the answer to my question