[Solved] Problem with Firebase add value to already existing tag

Hi i need to safe a value under a tag e.g germany but i just want to add the value and dont wanna delet the value that has been stored before
i could do this by adding the tag to the firebase url eg. https://project.firebaseio.com/germany but this is not possible with blocks and also trying to add a value with a create object block wont work …
anyone got any ideas ?

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If you are adding numbers or joining words etc. You must get the current value, and then join or use the math blocks, then upload. You cannot just upload and hope it joins.

So example. Say you are making a list.

in firebase call get tag full-list

then lets say you entered the word “hello” into text input.
Now you want to use the join block with 3 inputs. The first is the text input, the next is a comma, and the third is the value you got, then upload the new value.

In short, you must append to the current value.

is that what you meant?

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