[Solved] Please, PLEASE add this to thunkable, even if it's insecure to do so (already was there)

Hi, I really want you to add this to thunkable, even if it’s not secure.
A checkmark when creating a project, disabled by default. It’s something like:
Allow API/database information to be kept while remixing.
This includes APISecret, API key, and stuff like that.
I’m in coding class, and almost every project has something wrong, all due to the API and database info not being shared by remixing the template, like Web API and Media DB.
I wish that we can know the info, and even if it’s for people’s privacy, it’s disabled by default, optional, shown while creating the project, and if the database/API gets hacked, the blame goes the template/project creator for allowing that.
But anyways, it’s not the end of the world if it gets hacked.
So, can you please add this to Thunkable when creating a project with settings, in both non-drag-and-drop AND drag-and-drop interfaces? Please don’t make it only for drag-and-drop.
Thank you.
Edit: don’t make this for PRO only.

This checkbox already exists in both DnD and StP projects:

Is there something else that you’re wanting?

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No, I forgot that it existed. But thanks.