[Solved] One signal notifications if app is in the background?

Is this supported? If Android or iOS puts my app to sleep will OneSignal notifications still come through? I searched before asking but couldn’t find the answer on cross platform.

these will still come through. sometimes they come through delayed but they still come!

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Grateful for the lightning fast reply. If they come through does that mean the entire app wakes up in the background?

hmm… I’m not totally sure about that. I don’t think so. I’m not fully aware of the architecture behind how push notifications work, but to my knowledge the app doesn’t have to be on at all.

i think one important part when you publish would be to let users know they should leave on notifications so that they don’t miss any important updates. I often deny notifications because i don’t realize what they may have to offer.

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I think I found the answer with more digging. The app does not appear to wake but OneSignal’s part of the program does. Push notifications must be sent, I am pretty sure, via a script running on some server, or by a human. Not from within the Thunkable app.

I think that android and ios phones have push messaging capabilities built in. seems almost like a native function. not a function added by the app you build.

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