[Solved] My app goings "hang"

Hi there,
I’m going to remix the Translate app which made by official.I remixed it and made it cleaner and magnificent.
When I almost going to finish the design.The app goings “hang”.Even the based bar aren’t working.
The occurrence is the type input and the button are not working after 1 second.

Here’s the project : https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5dccdd0e307e13f19bd49605/Home/designer

how can I save my project.

Umm…someone can reply me? :thinking:


Disconnect all blocks and check everything in sequence. You have an incomprehensible cycle in the timer. In the markup, perhaps some component covers others, etc.

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Hi @BlueWhaleYT

on iOS I can use your app well as far as I can tell except for that there seems to be some issue with blocks and the input boxes disappear after selecting another language… It might help to describe the expected behavior to better understand what is going wrong.

Best, Chris

thanks for any help.
After I removed the Timer block,everything is fine.I didn’t realized was that block occurs the problem.THANKS.:smile:

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here’s the latest version :slight_smile:

Now it works fine.

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