[Solved] Lottery Numbers picker?


For example MEGA MILLIONS(lottery),

first box 5 picking numbers of 70 numbers
second box 1 picking number of 25 numbers

How can I pick 2 kinds numbers (6 numbers)?

use count loops

Use random component


If you want 4 numbers run it 4 times.

You can also use random in a list of you have predefined numbers

If some random number is same???

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You can control the random number by choosing the range for example from 1000 to 7000 or any range you specify.

here you go:

this example shows how to get the first 5 numbers from a list of 1…75 after it is shuffled.

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How can I ascend the picked random numbers???

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Use the sort option in the list drawer.

here’s the version that sorts the 5 numbers (the mega is separate)

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don’t forget me when you win the jackpot!

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