[Solved] iOS Videos Playing Over The Top Of Other Videos

Hi everyone,
I’m having an issue on iOS only where when a user plays a video and then goes to play another one in the same video component it starts playing the audio of the first video underneath the video of the new selection. This happens even after the first video has completed and I also have code that stops video when any button is pressed so the first video is definitely stopped before the second is loaded. Is this a known bug? Is there a work around?

Hey @athornock - did you ever manage to resolve this?

If your set the video play property to false before playing the next video, does that resolve the issue for you?

Yes, I think it was resolved in one of the updates actually. It seems to work properly now.

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Glad to hear that! Were you able to get you app published and added to the #MadeWithThunkable category?

Not quite yet, finishing it up now. I’ll add it here shortly.

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