[Solved] iOS 13 Golden Master CRASH

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Thanks for letting us know. We had a suspicion that the 11s would be affected to, I think you might be the first to report this Andrew.

Apologies again for the inconvenience, as per my post above the work-around for testing right now is to install your app directly on your phone.

Just a note that you can also test by using an Android emulator. Again, we understand that it is not an ideal solution but it seemed worth mentioning.


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Ios 13.1 ?

Hi there,
What is the status of this crash issue? We have confirmed that iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.2 beta on any device along with any iPhone 11, or 11 Pro causes Thunkable Live app to crash on load. Any ETA on when this is going to be fixed. We have several several students working on Thunkable.



I’m getting signal 6 error when I download app but when I do live test I have no issue even when I deleted Thunkable live app and reinstall the app in live mode works fine but when I download I get signal 6 raised and app shuts down. iOS 13 iPhone 6s

Still not working Iphone Xr ios 13.1.2

I am trying to publish my app and test on a iOS 13 Device but every time app is open it immediately crashes same with the Thunkable app

You posted this on the Thunkable Classic forum.
Classic is Android only.

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Can you tell us what model iPhone or iPad you are using? We have seen issues with iOS 13 on a couple, but not all, iPhones and we’d like to keep track of which models are having the problem. That will also help us diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance.


All Thunkable’s app crashing ios 13.
Iphone XS using.

I’m seeing the same thing when I download an app to my iPhone XR after I’ve updated to iOS 13.

Actually, the app that was on the iPhone prior to the iOS 13 upgrade crashed after the iOS upgrade, but ran fine prior to the upgrade. I tried downloading a new copy of the app and it’s crashing, too.

[update] Actually, if I swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see what apps are running, my app is running. I had also tried the Thunkable app to see if it would work in Live Test mode and I see it, too. By the way, it also “crashes”. So…it appears the apps are running, but the screens disappear. This may lead you in a different direction.

More bad news…the app I created with Thunkable and published via the Apple App Store is also exhibiting this same behavior. This is a BIG problem for me, as I have customers using this app in the field! I assuming (I know…bad thing) that any Thunkable app could be exhibiting this same behavior.

I think Thunkable team will be fix this issue.

We have released a fix. Note that our Companion app will still have the issue but if you download your app it should work fine. If you have any published apps please publish an update to fix this issue for your users. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting.

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Will the Companion app be fixed any time soon? My students have naturally started to update to iOS 13 and the inability to run the Companion app greatly limits their ability to try out code they’ve written in our Intro to Computer Science class.

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The Companion app crash still in iPhone XR with iOS 13.1.1.

Hi @Russell_Gordon - thanks for your question.

As much as anything I just wanted to reply and let you know that we’ve read your post and understand the difficulty this creates for you - particularly in classroom environment.

We’re currently exploring a number of possibilities in relation to fixing this and we’ll keep you all posted over the coming days as soon as we have new information for you.

Additionally, I’d be really interested to learn more about what you have on the syllabus for your students. If you wanted to post in the #teachers lounge or contact me via PM I’d be more than happy to liaise with you to develop some new activities for your students.

Hi @yoyorotw296ehu :wave:

Welcome to our community. Yes, unfortunately this is still an issue for some (but not all) devices running iOS 13.

We’ll notify you as soon as a release is available, but in the mean time the way to test your iOS apps is by installing them directly to your device.


Just wanted to let you know that the Thunkable app also crashes on my iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1.

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We are using Thunkable in our App Development class and a couple of my students that recently updated their phone to 11Pro no longer can successfully open the companion app. Is there another way to view the app other than the companion so they are able to test it as the go. Thanks!

For issues with iOS crashes in the Live companion app immediately upon starting the app, please see this topic for updates: iOS 13 Golden Master CRASH