[Solved] I need your help, I want to make search bar

Hi there.
I make a check list.
I use stored variable for key(date, YYYY-MM-DD) and Local Storage for record.
It is fine when save and get.

But I make searching bar. It doesn’t work.
It is weird.

I tried several different blocking.
What’s wrong with my blocks.

What happens if you put from Label set Text to app tempRecord right before the if block? What is the value the label displays?

And what are you typing in to the text input field when you test the app?

Hi tatiang.
Text written is Korean. tempRecord are like this 2020-02-24,인간관계론,
Is it a kind of bug?

I think using date YYYY-MM-DD is problem.
But I don’t have solution.

I also consider about timing to get data
I use wait block there is different output.
i confused.

asynchronous problem I guess.
I share my project.

please, solve this problem, thanks

“Oops! The project you are looking for was either deleted or may not be public.”

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@go1tentcjzwu @tatiang it looks like it’s a private project.

I just completed a search bar like this:

Just need to get your entire list first (I saved this to the variable “WhoLst”) then filter it as you type. I set the timer to go off every 500 milliseconds when the screen opens as long as my search string is greater than 0 in length



Would something like this work for you?

I’m guessing the problem here is related to the date format and/or the language translation. So although searching/filtering is the context, I suspect once we see the project we can determine why it’s not working.


Nice work @jacob1!!!


Oops! I mistake share to link.


Linkable URL.

Thanks All of you.

Please Find solution.

I tested with using wait block yesterday.
There are different outputs. All outputs are incorrect.

Hi Thunkers.
I finally made it correct.
I saw @Mark’s Asynchronous for loop(?).
And I made below.

Thanks All.


That’s awesome to hear @go1tentcjzwu would you mind editing your Solution about to include a link to Mark’s original post, just so future users can find it more easily too!


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I saw this post. It will help you when using data.