[Solved] How to work out summary statistics?

HI, I Would like to Know how could we do a statistical information Screen, With “%” and With Sum of data in firebase

Hey @new99770067fjh,

Is this a question about getting information from firebase or are you wondering how to do the calculations?

If you have a specific example of the metrics that you’d like to include we can give you more detailed help.


I would like to know how to do the calculations.

My project is about one catalog of all aluminum beer bottles.

I did the screen to includ itens(with firebase) and i did another screen to show the informations.

Now I would like to do a statical screen. For example, i need to calculate how % the bottles that I have in my collection comparing with all bottles that exist in the catalog.

@new99770067fjh you can use the math blocks to do the standard percentage calculation.

I Got to calculate what i need. Thanks.
Now I would like to know how could I put the result with 2 decimal place?

You can use the following block to round to two decimal places:


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