[Solved] How to sum items from the list?

How to sum items from a list? I used the “sum of list” block but it didn’t actually sum the numbers, but added one number to the other. How to solve?

Hey @Marcus_Telles,

I can see you’re parsing out the numbers by removing the currency symbol - then you are creating a list of lists I think with the numeric value?

Anyway, try using an insert at last block instead and then you should end up with a list of values you can SUM.

Hope that helps.

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But it is label separated R$ and Value.
I solve that is with for each and variable with function"by", so I got it sum my items of list.


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My dear,

Can you share your project?


This topic is a year old. What do you need help with?

Dear Tatiang,

I wanna build an app to convert a texts to digits, after that it will sum all digits.

Example: user types TEDDY in text box
After that App will transfer to 53221 and will sum: 5+3+2+2+1 = 13

Please help

i think this will help - Number Parser Tutorial to put numbers in list from a text and then use loop to add them