[Solved] How to login with maps

hi my name is buank.p, I just started on thunkabel, now I want to log in with the maps or location that I have made, when the user starts the app he will automatically log in when the location or maps match what is specified, but I constrained by the radius maps that I made, maybe anyone can help, I’m very grateful, nice to meet you Buank.p

The first thing I did here was visualise that data that I wanted and the data that I had, so I displayed the target location and sensor data in a label like this:

In my blocks, homeLat and homeLng are my location to 8 decimal places (from Google Maps)

The next thing I need to know was the accuracy of GPS readings…so I Googled it:

Then I coded up a simple test to see if the first 3 decimal places matched:

To test, I have a walk around outside and found the accuracy to be roughly ± 25 m


thank you, I’ll try

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