[Solved] How to change the background color of a textbox on click?

Hi. I’ve recently made a sign in page for my app using TextInput components. I need to know how to change the background color of the text box on click? It will be helpful. Thanks

Hi there @bowiesushio521f

There’s not built-in property to handle this, and there’s no block that you can use if you were to create a custom function.

I think the idea of a TextInput changing colour when it gets/loses focus definitely sounds nice, but at the same time I don’t think the absence of this feature would put any of your users off, nor should it prevent you from completing the rest of your sign in page.

Hope that helps.


Is there a way to change input text color at all? I’m creating a dark version of my app and cannot see black text on a black screen.

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If using the old UI then select the Text input and select Adnanced from the property list. Expand the Text Style and you should see Color as the first option