[Solved] How to change one button background colour at a time?

Hello, im newbie here and i have no idea how to do this. I want to make a program when I click button 1, button 1 background colour will change to blue but the others doesn’t change. If I click button 2 when button 1 already in blue colour, button 2 will change to blue colour and button 1 will revert to original colour. And same goes to the other button. Thank you.


Use block when button 1 is clicked to change background color of button 2 to any color you want.

@ahmadruzaini1998x8ra take a look at this video response to your question:

There are a couple of ways to do it, but I’d recommend going with the scalable approach.

The remix link is in the video description!


Thank you so muchhhhh. Solve my problem :smiley:

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No problem at all @ahmadruzaini1998x8ra - it was an interesting question.

There’s also a more in-depth tutorial over on the blog: