[Solved] How do I parse JSON Object

Thanks both guys. I think the issue is that my service provider for the API I use changed the parameters. I will test more deeply tomorrow and if any issue I’ll let you know. Thank you once again!

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I am also having issues,
I have used the same code for months and been deployed a number of times and now the web api doesn’t seem to receive responses from my webserver. (Nothing has changed on my side as everything from the currently deployed builds is working) but now with the new build, I have my POST requests don’t come back with a response

Hi @akshay199414knssy1,

Can you let us know the steps to reproduce this please? At this point, the most likely scenario is that something has changed on the server side.

Hello, I have sent links to my project to Jane via the live chat with some information (some information I cannot share on the forum)
Thanks :slight_smile: