Extract token from JSON

Hi There, I am very new.

Could someone help me and show me the blocks required to pull just the token from this JSON please?


So far, my attempts have either yielded “null” or [object Object]

When you post JSON text on the forums, be sure to format it using the </> button in the toolbar above the message area. That allows you to copy & paste it into Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online without the smart quotes invaliding the JSON. I reformatted yours already.

You can get the property “response.token” from the object (the object is the green response block).

I have a tutorial that explains all of this in a video: API JSON Tutorial (Video)

Thank you. I will try to remember your advice going forward re using the </> button.

I have watched your video before posting and didn’t have any luck. I have have spent hours on this , I wouldn’t go straight to a forum without trying to work things out for myself. Unfortunately, my client is looking for a solution and has asked me to explore a number of no/low code builders and similar products in order to build a field service app. After trying other products and much research the choice has been shortlisted to Thunkable and a product called iAuditor. I am pushing for Thunkable as I have heard good things about it and I think it will offer much more flexibility going forward. However, if I cannot demonstrate a simple mvp that includes api after several hours use I fear my client will push to use iAuditor. Hence the request for someone to hopefully help me with an answer rather than the suggestion to watch a tutorial. Please take no offence to that , it is not intended in a bad way, I am simply under a tight deadline and need help rather than tuition. I do appreciate the “teach a man to fish” approach usually though and will have to become a lot more familiar if the client should choose to use Thunkable.

I’m not 100% sure what you meant by using response.token. I have just tried this and it is returning "null

Okay, put in a late night session, bit of trial and error. Here’s the blocks that gave me just the token property I was looking for - in case it is helpful to anyone else in the future.

Thank you Tatiang for your input, I wouldn’t have tried response.token if left to my own devices.

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You’re welcome. Keep in mind that if you need more help than users like me can provide or are under a deadline, you do have the option of contacting support (provided you have a Pro license or better) or hiring someone to assist you.

I’m glad you got that part working.

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