[Solved] How can I share my location with another user of my app?

I’m trying to make an app that makes one user to track location of the other. Each user types their phone and their friend’s phone. Then, the user that wants location to be tracked, ‘me’, calls the location sensor and writes the longtitude and latitude to the dynamically named cloud variable, the name being ‘friend’s phone’ stored variable. Then, the ‘friend’ device is able to access this cloud variable by plugging in ‘my phone’ stored variable as a name, and put the marker on a map. This process repeats every specified unit of time.
It seems that my app should work, but it doesn’t, and I haven’t found any similar apps. Please, help me figure this out(thank you))
Link to my app: Thunkable

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Just saying it doesn’t is not helpful for anyone who has not coded or participated in the project to know what is wrong.

You need to explain what you expect the app to do and what actually happened. Walk us through your app and pin point where it failed.

I went through the project. One thing is keep your Variables initialization in the starting screen to avoid cashes.

See my changes,

I tested it and it worked with me.


Thank you very much for your help and recommendations on communicating my issues!

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