[Solved] How can I put a radical symbol in a label? (like the square root)

I would like to be able to show nice mathematical equations in labels. I’ve seen solutions with a webviewer here on the community, but that’s fairly complicated. Is it possible to right a square root in a label or button?

Hmm… I’m not sure. I know you can copy and paste unicode emojis into a label’s text field – so things like the division sign here work. But I don’t see a square root symbol.

A quick o google search returned:

Oh weird. When I tried a minute ago, I couldn’t type any option-generated symbols on my Mac. Now it’s working to type the shortcut for square root: option+v. And it appears when I live test the project.

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you can copy it from google or if you are on laptop you can also get many symbols by pressing start button + ;