[Solved] Greeting App to greet users

How can I create a Greeting app, setting a LABEL to display some specific greetings in the early hours, afternoon and night

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Did you mean app that says Good morning in the morning and good afternoon in the later hours and so on?

Check out this link


This solved it,but I also wanted it to greet when it’s noon ,or say something like- You should be in bed,when it’s midnight
Can I do this please??


Of course you can. You need to add more conditions and corresponding actions

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Well I loved the feature,but I can’t just get it to say Good evening and more as asked by @itzvinie


Do you need to wait a few hours until the time changes @versatile :joy:


What i meant was let it say Good morning from 12 am to 11:59 am,
Good afternoon from 12 pm to 5pm and then say Good evening from 5pm to 12 pm

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I just achieve the morning, afternoon, evening greetings using the if,else if and else component

Thanks guys


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