[Solved] Get year from the Date Imput component

Hello, the problem I’m facing is that I want tho fill a form and for that I’ll need the age of the person, I’m trying to get by creating a variable for the actual year we’re in and another one with the year of the person’s birth year. The problem is to get the year of the person’s birth. Can anyone help me?

Hi @nickolas

Why not just use the get year method for this component?



  • Will the above block push a popup with only option of selecting a year?

    Example of "only year"


  • Or it will return a segmented part (in this case, the year) from the picked date?

    Example of "segmented part"

    selected full date - 11/11/2019
    segmented date - 11/11/2019

Thanks! :blush:

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It’s just the segmented part, as that’s what was asked for:

This is what it would look like with both variables:


Thanks guys, I wasn’t doing it right because I put an previous button to open the data_picker but now I did it right.