[Solved] Error updating empty cell in Google Sheet

Hi all, im working on an app that updates the value of a cell in google sheet database. the code was perfectly working until today morning when it suddenly broke and seem to hang at the execution of the update value block. I did not modify the code or the google sheet at all before all these happened, and I experimented for more than 3 hours and the error seems to be random - for a small number of tries, such error did not occur. If I try to update the same value in another column, the error also does not occur.
I used adb logcat and found this error message: bugsnag-react-native: Sending exception: Error - GraphQL error: Cannot return null for non-nullable field FieldData.value

Google does not return any useful answer. Anyhelp will be much appreaciated.
The blocks are private and I do not wish to share here, but I can guarteen that the exact same block worked just yesterday and I made zero changes to it.

hey @aliencaocao, have you made any progress with this issue?

Can you confirm that you are using one of the Data Viewer components?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you were using please?


Hi, I am using Data Source blocks. The issue was apprantly caused by the cell I’m trying to update being empty at the start, so after I fill it with something then everything works. However im not sure whether Thunkable made a change to this behaviour as 2 months ago Im still able to update values into a empty cell, but now I can’t.
Anyways through some complexed work arounds im able to achieve what I wanted to achieve.


I know it’s been quite a while since you’ve reported this issue. However, today the issue happened to me as well. I deleted existing data from my Google Sheet, and added a titled column. Then when I tried to sync data source in Thunkable, I received the same error code.
I tried deleting the data source and readding (which required me to go back through all pages of blocks and reselect the data source. After this, I could see the new column within the data source blocks, however, the data source Google Sheet was not updating with data during test runs and still throwing the error code within the “sync” menu.
Only after I manually entered data into the first cell in my Google Sheet was it then able to finally sync with the new data.
It seems that if you remove all data from the content fields of a source, it can’t sync anymore.
Hope that helps someone.

hello thunkers …was anyone experienced this problem?

Im trying to sync my data source to google sheet, if i put 3 to 4 data in it will sync but when i try to sync more than 7 and above data , it will not sync.

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You need to explain it much better. What are these 2, 4, 7 data and where do you update them and how do you update and how do you test?