[Solved] Error updating empty cell in Google Sheet

Hi all, im working on an app that updates the value of a cell in google sheet database. the code was perfectly working until today morning when it suddenly broke and seem to hang at the execution of the update value block. I did not modify the code or the google sheet at all before all these happened, and I experimented for more than 3 hours and the error seems to be random - for a small number of tries, such error did not occur. If I try to update the same value in another column, the error also does not occur.
I used adb logcat and found this error message: bugsnag-react-native: Sending exception: Error - GraphQL error: Cannot return null for non-nullable field FieldData.value

Google does not return any useful answer. Anyhelp will be much appreaciated.
The blocks are private and I do not wish to share here, but I can guarteen that the exact same block worked just yesterday and I made zero changes to it.

hey @aliencaocao, have you made any progress with this issue?

Can you confirm that you are using one of the Data Viewer components?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you were using please?


Hi, I am using Data Source blocks. The issue was apprantly caused by the cell I’m trying to update being empty at the start, so after I fill it with something then everything works. However im not sure whether Thunkable made a change to this behaviour as 2 months ago Im still able to update values into a empty cell, but now I can’t.
Anyways through some complexed work arounds im able to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

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