[SOLVED] Don't download entire cloud object, filter instead

I don’t want to download the entire object from the cloud, I just want to download based on criteria.
I’m aware that I can download the entire object, and then filter, but I don’t want to do that.

I’ve tried a for each item j but that only ends up saving the object properties as a simple list, instead of preserving the data of each one.

Ok, so I solved my own problem, kinda fun when you do that, feels like an achievement unlocked.

Anyway what I needed was the [set property > of object > to] block (indicated by the green arrow).

I’ve tried that block several times in the past with no success, but the trick was first setting the variable to an object by using the [create object] block indicated by the blue arrow, THEN using the block indicated by the green arrow.

Anyway, marking this as solved in case anyone else finds this troubling

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@overshield Congratulations! Thank you for sharing that.

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