[Solved] Does Canvas loading nead wifi connection?

I built a simple game that use a canvas to drag and drop sprites on the stage. When I download and install it as apk file on my Android 10 device a problem happened : when turn on wifi, every thing worked well but when using without internet, the app stopped and showed an error like this.
Does it is compulsory to turn on internet to use canvas or something else is going wrong inside my app ? Thanks in advance for your advice :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey @H_i_CH_n_Nguy_n :wave:

I don’t think you need internet connectivity for the Canvas component. Is this just happening the first time you install the app or is it every time you open it?

Can you upload a screenshot of your component tree please? Perhaps there’s another component (Airtable?) that requires internet connectivity?


Looks very similar to an error message the Thunkable Companion used to show a very long time ago when there was a connection issue. But this was exclusive to the companion. This was almost a year ago.


I thought so too @eoinparkinson - but the OP mentioned:

so I didn’t bring it up. Maybe the apk in question is Thunkable Live though?

@H_i_CH_n_Nguy_n, any update on this?


@H_i_CH_n_Nguy_n You’ll need a wifi connection on the canvas for now.


I just build an sample app so that it had only the canvas in it and nothing else need internet connection.
So i need an internet connection for now, i think i will add an alert to make sure that user turn on wifi but i think it will be wonderfull if we can make canvas able to use whithout internet connection.
In anyway, thank you for your answer :smile:

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Another question: when set the border radius for the canvas to 10 for example, the border change in web preview but not in android device when live test, it still be the same as a rectangle.
Can you give me some advice to this problem, i want a rectangle with rounded cornor cause it look much better.
Thank in advance @eoinparkinson @domhnallohanlon @paulmw