[Solved] Designing column - radius not visible with background image

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From 5-7 days, I have been experiencing this bug -

Platform Image -

The above image is what I want, visibly perfect in the platform.
The container is a column with a radius of 25, and a background image.

On Thunkable Live -

Just to check, I had applied a border width of 5px, and color #9013FE to the column.
You might notice, that the image is rectangular only, the column is rounded.

The background image should be round as the column, right?
Like the platform’s image (I gave above)…

The Bug -

Background image of column is not being applied the radius set to the column.

Project - Thunkable

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Thank you very much, @actech! :smile:

Thanks! :blush:
P.S. Now I think I should change the topic’s title to “Design bug in column…”

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