[Solved] Custom Data List Viewer


Have made great progress with learning Thunkable X but do have a couple of roadblocks. The main one is Custom Data List Viewer. Can anyone point me to a post/video on how this is done on the new platform please? All I have been able to find is Classic row/column scenario’s.
Or is it a Pro item?




Thankyou, have studied this tutorial many times. Cannot find Row, Column or Layout in the new interface. Also cannot find the designer on the projects page. image

Yes i didn’t see it either. As far as I can tell, you make a column layout to add more data items from a data source like google. I just did this in fact. For my purpose it worked great.

Where did exactly did you create the a column layout? This is what I cannot find.

Create a blank screen, then add a column. Then add items. These items are you what you map your data to. So if adding from a google sheet with 4 columns, add 4 labels (depending on your data). Now save the data layout. Second button from the left
Screenshot from 2021-02-21 22-53-10

Next go to the screen you are needing the data, add a data list/grid viewer, select your data source and map the fields. Sorry I am new to thunkable as well but just did this.

The new drag-and-drop interface does not have row and column components. The replacement for those is the “group” component. However, I don’t see a way to create a custom layout from a group component. I did notice that if I add a data viewer grid to a screen, I can select previous custom layouts I created in the legacy interface. But I don’t see a way to create new custom layouts. I think you might have to use the legacy interface for that.


Thankyou tatiang, I will try that.

tatiang, Unluckily unable to open classic :disappointed:. I only started this year and presuming that’s why.

I’m not talking about Classic. It’s confusing because Thunkable has always been a drag-and-drop environment but there are currently two interfaces available in Thunkable: “drag-and-drop” which is new, and the “legacy” version which is older.

To use the legacy version when creating a project, do not check the “Try it out” box.

Woo Hoo, there’s the missing link. Yes, I did try the new layout first. Many Thanks.

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