[Solved] Convert number to text

I am trying to use the following: Does “abc” contain “b”.
my “abc” is a list of NUMBERS and so I am trying this:
Does “abc” contain 9
Is there a simple way to do this ?
PS: Does “abc” contain “9” works as “9” is a text
Does “abc” contain 9 doesn’t work as 9 is not a text

Try to join your variable with a blank text ‘’ ‘’ to a new variable , it will be changed automatically .

thx - I did just that
except I used Join and had my NUMBER 9 as the only ITEM. (weird without the quotes - but it worked)

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Welcome :+1:

Thank you guys.
Do you know iff is possible to do the opposite? Convert a number in txt format to a number that I can make mathematical calculations with?

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem to accomplish!

Put the numeric value text into a math block and watch the magic happen

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Thank you so much, it worked :slight_smile:

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