[Solved] Consume my own web service in ASP .NET

I made a Web Service in C# ASP .NET to feed my thunkable app, I call in my network in this way

in that WS I have a Method to validate the user login:

string appValUsr(string usu_id, string usu_clave)

The method receive two parameter:

  • usu_id the login name
  • usu_clave the password

And I return a string value for OK or WRONG credentials

How can I call this web service using the Web Api component ?

Thanks in advance,
Alejandro Castrejón

Do I understand correctly that the data exchange protocol you use GET? When the request from the browser, you receive a reply from the server? If you get, then use this query to the Web API.

Its a SOAP protocol

It’s posible consume with Web Api component?

I have not worked with SOAP, so ask this question. I enter into the browser URL and see a blank page. To access the data we need some password or authorization of the service? If I saw the data from your image in my browser, then I would say that it is possible to receive the data and manually obtain from them the necessary information, but I see a blank page and I can not say anything.

Show you a blank page because it’s a internal IP of my network for development.

I thought that maybe the SOAP protocol will never works with the Web Api component and make a new simple Web Api project in ASP and works well.

If someone need information how to make it, I will be happy to explain and share my code.

Thanks for your time,
Alejandro Castrejon

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So, you have a server reveals the answer. Get the answer in the Web API and then manually get the right information from the tags. If the server to return data in JSON format, then get them was s much easier.


Hi @itcare.desarrollosiw, thanks for the update.

This would be a really great tutorial to have in the #creator-lounge if you’re interested/have the time?

Alternatively, if you have a blog you could do a write up there and post the link in the community?

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I have the same idea,

What do you think if a make a blog entry and also copy in the #creator-lounge?

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Sounds perfect - let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.