[Solved] Changing the colour of the ListViewer

After yesterday’s update the thunkable live for ios the background for List View is always white. In about 50 minutes I will be able to tell you if this is the case after installation. I don’t see a problem on Android.

please show a video of it

I’m also having this problem, iPhone SE. I can’t send a video, but here’s a screenshot:
(it’s a search bar in my app)

No video required. Anyone can test it. Also, the /n option for a new line in the label text does not work.

Had the same problem about list viewers being blank after update. When stored variables being set as text items, it will disappear. Maybe @domhnallohanlon or @jane may help?

Hi there,

We published an update yesterday that lets you set the background color and text color of items on a List Viewer. I tested these features on iOS and they work as expected for me. Can you test on your end?



I’m Confirm. Everything is OK.

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I’m glad to hear it!