[Solved] Changing screens ignores "newline"

Run this and you will see Scn2 keeps over writing and never inserts the nrw line. I tried \n that also had the same issue.

Is this related to your other issue? If so, I find it really confusing to see a new topic that depends on previous information that’s been shared. It would be better to add to the existing topic. If not… well then nevermind!

Finally I realized my mistake and filed the bug report in the GitHub. That is what you told me the first time. Very sorry for this multiple reports. I have three reports on the same issue. If possible please delete the 2 of them. Apologies. Now I have learnt the whole process will be more diligent next time.

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Hello @anandavardhana57zwwl
I can confirm that I am experiencing the problem you describe.

If you need a quick fix, you can use a variable and save the new text there every time the screen opens.

I created this project with this solution.

Let me know if it worked for you.

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Hi Ioannis,

Thank you very much it worked for me too. I had filed a bug report on this will add this info also there which might help the developers to fix the issue.

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