[Solved] Can't find block a list block

I don’t have the blue block select list item list, i would like to use it from Image1 set picture instead of just list.

Thank you


Sorry, but I do not understand what the problem is and your question.

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Hi @genealogist :wave:

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I think this is what you’re looking for?


Hello, Thanks for your answer. I have found the blocks, but this one not, select list item list ? I have Thunkable X


Do you need a list of lists? No separate block for this operation. Use the block to get items from the list twice.

That select list item block is from Thunkable Classic… are you following a tutorial somewhere?

The docs I shared with you are the Thunkable X equivalent.

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Oké Thanx

Where did you see that image you shared @genealogist? If it’s one of our tutorials I can have it updated to avoid confusing others.