[Solved] Can we combine classic UI screens with Drag and drop?


I have an app developed with the classic UI…is there a way a can develop new screens using drag and drop? I’ve not seen anything but who knows…


When you say “classic,” do you mean the snap to place interface? Or do you actually mean the discontinued version of Thunkable called Classic?

With the snap to place interface, you can convert those projects to drag & drop.

Ah! I mean StP…I started with Thunkable in 2019 so anything before DnD is classic :rofl:

How can the project be migrated? I’d love to clone and test my current app


Looking in the forum i see there should be a button to migrate but i dont see it in my project page

I contacted support and they’ve included me in the Beta program…ive now converted the app. It has many screens and components and at a first test just a few adjustments are needed. Thanks!!

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That’s great to hear @fedegarcia30hzc97a - great to have you back in the Community!

What sort of have are you migrating? is it something you’ve already published or posted in Promote your App already?

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