[Solved] Button to open a hyper link?

Just wondering if it was possible redirect to a webpage from a button? I realize I can add a web viewer component but wanted to open the page in the default browser.



FYI, that block is at the end of the control blocks section.


Thanks @jaythemanchs - going to mark this as #solved unless we hear otherwise from @gene.arnold9d


Yes, please mark as solved. Wow, I looked to find this option but just didn’t see it. Thank you!


Do you remember what search term you used? Was it in the community or the docs? (The docs tend to have slightly better search results, I find)

I typed in
“button open hyper link”

But I was expecting to find a button that opened a link and should have realized that it’s an action that can be used. So basically I was already looking in the wrong place. I was focusing on the button being the answer when it was the action that I should have looked for. This makes much more sense! So I can bind this action to all kinds of different things.

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