[Solved] Anyone have any luck getting sounds to play with Push Notifications?

I am trying to get sound to play when a Push Notification comes through however it does not seem to be working on the app end. I am calling it from OneSignals end but nothing.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be possible with Thunkable blocks.

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I think to do this, you need to load the sound into the app file. Then when you set up your push on oneSignal, you specify the sound file you want to play.

I am having the same problem, I’m not getting a default sound, and likewise when I cause onesignal to send a push from a user command, it doesn’t give me the notification from the lock screen nor does it make a sound. My device settings are set to where I get notifications normally otherwise, and also if I send a push directly from onesignal I do get the lock screen notification as well as the sound.

Thanks again!