[Solved] Adding a color picker to my app

I am creating an app in which I need a colour picker. I have downloaded an extension that can add a colour picker to my app. How can I add the extension to my app?

Hey @kaurgurlakshk0tz, thanks for posting this question!

Thunkable X does not currently allow for extensions.

Ok. I’ll try and find a substitute for the colour picker, or remove it.

You should be able to make a color picker, but not as fancy or as easy perhaps as what you had in mind. What are you trying to accomplish?

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You can definitely make your own colour picker extension @kaurgurlakshk0tz, 3 sliders; one for Red, one for Green and one for Blue.


No problem at all - check your Jared’s tutorial here:

hello @kaurgurlakshk0tz i know this colour picker is already solved but still this is a little tutorial i have come up with for colour picker Colour picker tutorial

Happy Thunking! :smile: