Slow label text assign in Android

This is exactly what I said and demonstrated in my original post over a month ago… it’s been slow like this for over a year. Ever since they “fixed” the android 8 api and changed the variables to cloud/local/app.

When is this gonna be fixed?!

More precisely, the variables did not change, but added to the mechanism for creating variables from function blocks new global variables that should have become the main variables, but so far they have not become for me.

When will they fix it? I suggest using alternatives for now. I don’t like Local Storage, Local DB - maybe, function variables - yes.

How are you creating local variables? How is _loop Count being created? By dropping a loop block on the screen and using/renaming the local variable it auto creates as “i” ?

And if that’s the case how do you only use These local variables and pass data from screen to screen? As soon as any app variables get involved the delays start happening

It is not possible to create local variables in Thunkable X. And I create function variables from the fonky block as its parameters, and then delete them. Do you understand this?

To exchange data between screens, you can also use Local DB in addition to global variables.