Simple Notes - #OpenSource App

Here’s an app I made back in AppInventor for taking notes. You can set a PIN to hide notes you choose, you can attach an image to a note, you can chose from 5 different app themes, it has many more cool features. You can import the AIA to Thunkable and make your own, but it might need a few design tweaks to look good, because it was created in AppInventor without material design.

Where it’s avaliable

The AIA is here: SimpleNotes_OpenSource.aia (1MB)

It’s also on Google Play here: Simple Notes by SeableApps

I’m excited to see what people do with this! No credit is required for my code, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Redistribute it to any app store, make money off of it, I don’t care. It’s all yours. :slight_smile:

If you see my apps on Google Play and want the source code for one, just ask me. (Don’t ask me for the Dice one though)


This is really good @tysonseable! Thanks for sharing this with us. :slight_smile:

The implementation of the themes is a great idea (the theme switcher screen is very clever)
I like the PIN code too, and all the security settings seem to work.

The only issue I’m having is that clicking “done” on a new note doesn’t seem to save it. Is it just me?

It’s not just you! It doesn’t work for me either.

@tysonseable it is quite slow and crashes every so often when I click the settings button. But other than that, I love it! I also love the pop-up menus.

Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

Dang nab it! I shared the broken version. The new one’s on the post above.

WOW! Thats an amazing app + it is open source. Good job man! :wink: You can use it for my contest!


Hi @tysonseable

Why can’t i add advertisement admob in your app ?

Its not loading the ads

That’s not the app’s fault… It can sometimes take a few hours after creating an Admob Account for the ads to show.

Thank you…

Great app, and it is open source, so I can learn how to create application.

thanks again :+1:

Wow. It seems that you did that with appinventor and if this is true, it must have been a hell lot of work to make such a modern looking UI. Great work!

I don’t know how it looks on Thunkable, is it pretty decent?

Hey @tysonseable i implemented the ad in thunkable after a day being created in admob but still its not working can say is there any way to solve this ?

@Helder_Tech read my last post…

Bro @tysonseable it isn’t new account . I have ads serving from that account to my other apps ! Thats why im asking

Thanks. this is what I have been looking for

I clicked the google play link but the app didn’t exist. Is it not available anymore?

Much appreciate for your sharing, the app is work well.

I have been able to use this in my PLOTNote / PLOTBook application, I hope you see how it looks. And thanks for your great input.