Simple code just won't execute

Can someone please help? I really don’t understand why this code is not working. When I say not working when it is executed inside a function the button just appears to do nothing and just stops midway through execution with absolutely no error messages of any kind. Is there something wrong with the actual functions in Thunkable because I’m losing my mind trying to solve this. I don’t understand what I’m missing here. Can anyone think of something to fix this? I need to just make the date 210513222303 for example in YYMMDDHHMMSS format.

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Why are you mixing between direct variables and referenced variables. This will not work.

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You’ve got extra ‘app variable’ blocks in your code. You’re trying to join an app variable named whatever the VALUE of the stored variable LastProperDateStringUpdate ? – I’m pretty sure that’s not what you intended. If you remove that block, you’ll have something that makes more sense.

(You’d use that block if you needed to specify the name of a variable in another variable. That doesn’t seem to be your situation here.)



Thanks heaps @catsarisky and @muneer for the replies

I’ve tried what you’ve said and set it to use stored variables directly. Originally this function just used an app variable by name so I converted it over to a stored variable in a last ditch effort but forgot to remove those app variable “” blocks.

Though this is now executing, it unfortunately just results in 2 digit values such as 13, 47 and 59, as if it’s skipping parts of the function. Is this how I’m supposed to progressively add to a string or are there other methods to do so that I should be utilizing?


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All good it’s now working (must’ve taken a second to update on my phone).

Thanks so much for your help guys, really appreciate it.



Oh good!

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