Showing some DVL contents to one screen. Can it?

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is possible if multiple DVLs be directed into one screen?

i have 6 DVL on screen one. Then, i want to display each of contents in screen two, can it?

Yes but you may need to say more about what you are trying to do. It’s not clear exactly what you are trying to set up.

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Oh thanks mr @tatiang for answering my question.

So actually I have 6 buttons on screen one. If the first button is clicked it will showing the first DVL, and if the second button is clicked it will showing the second dvl, and so on until the sixth button and the sixth DVL.

Then for “thrifting” the screen addition, I want to each selected of DVL content to redirect it to the second screen. So I only need two screens.
What do you think?

Yes, you can do that. Are you using six DVLs because you have six data sources? Why not use a single data source (if possible) and a single DVL?

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oh sorry! I have one data source. it’s just I have six different data in one my data sources, so I separate them in 6 sheets.

Is there a special arrangement blocks to create it?

It would be great if the Data Source blocks let us dynamically choose sheets/tables or switch sources. But they don’t. There are feature requests for that and I recommend that you comment on those. The more comments staff see, the more likely they are to make improvements to the product.

Feature requests: Data Source and Airtable - request for using views (from airtable) to select data dynamically · Issue #584 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub and Change Data viewer’s datasource or table by code · Issue #541 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

In the meantime, I recommend using Airtable if possible. The filterByFormula feature of the Airtable API is very powerful and lets you search, sort, and filter data that comes into Thunkable. With a DVL, I usually delete all rows of the data source and then re-populate it with the filtered data from Airtable.

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