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Hi Thunkers,

I’ve been figuring out a way for a few days to use data viewers to link an grid image to a video stream.

The only way I understand it is currently possible would be to create a thumbnail of the video, and when the user clicks on the image, load the video into a webapp or even Thunkable’s video component (which is not recommended according to the online documentation ).

Since cloudinary is the “official” repository for uploading/downloading media to Thunkable, I’m trying to find a way to automatically generate the thumbnail after uploading a video via MediaDB Upload.

I found a recipe on how to generate a thumbnail and access it via URL in Cloudinary, which would be to rename the video file extension to ".jpg’. If that worked, I could save the video file with a different extension, and reference it directly in the datasource, treating it differently when clicking on the image to open the video player.

But Cloudnary didn’t accept saving a video with the jpg extension when I tried to do it manually. I didn’t get to test this upload with another extension using the mediaDB (I should, shouldn’t I?)

Another possible approach is to use an API to generate the thumbnail and then, send both (thumb & video) to Cloudnary, but I can’t find any public / free API to do it.

Anyway, maybe someone has already needed to show videos coming from a dataviewer, or knows a way to generate a thumbnail in cloudinary to be able to show them in Thunkable?

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The link you shared has a link to Cloudinary documentation that the user claims explains how to convert a video to a thumbnail image but it does not in fact contain that information.

However, this link does include that type of info so perhaps you can use it as a starting point:

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