Share / Save Canvas image?

What it is the function of this block?

A. Is this the block to share the canvas image? If yes, any idea how to use it with the share function (in order to Save the image from the screen local or just share it)?
B. If not, is there any way to Save the image from the screen using Thunknable blocks?

Thank you!

Yes, this block returns a canvas image in base64 text format


Thank you @actech!
Could you please show me if there is a way to export the base64 text format directly as a image file?
Thank you!

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Use online service, for example

if you need to programmatically recode base64 into a link to an image file, you need to either find such a web service or create a script on the server.

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Thank you @actech!
I have tried before other solution and I have no idea why, but I did not get back the picture from code. But with your link it is perfect!
My Regards! :clap:

Well, I can recommend using in case you’ll need to convert video or photo files easily and fast. Been using it for a long time, it’s one of the most convenient software for sure.

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how can I “comunicate” with a web service via thunkable?
how can I give to this web service the script?

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. What does it mean to pass a script to a web service?

If you want to use a web service, it needs to send a request using the WebAPI component to perform some action.

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sorry, I’m not an expert, you answered to my question. Thanks :slight_smile: