Setting variable values in the 'then do' section of BLE blocks causing crash

As the title suggest, my app is crashing when i attempt to store either Deviceid’s or DeviceNames using the green block from the Bluetooth component blocks into either stored or app type variables. I am using an iPhone 11 with the latest version of the companion app

as a note: the app works fine until attempting to set the variables to be anything. I also tried populating the list viewer and then setting the variable from list viewer text items and this cauuses a crash. Setting the variable to = the string ‘poop’ did not crash the app.

here is a share link

this also causes the same crash


Can you try storing the Device IDs in their own variable, above your if/else block, and then for your else block set the text items to be the global variable, rather than the DeviceIDs function variable.

Let me know whether or not that works for you.

I had done that shortly after I posted. (Kept trying to figure it out)

That works!